Maureen - Gardener and Author
My involvement with horticulture goes back a long way.
I grew up on a market garden and after wandering away from the horticultural path for a while to, among other things, lecture in English Literature at University, I found myself studying Garden Design at a local horticultural college. This eventually led to becoming the owner of The Bee Garden, a small nursery and plant centre growing and selling bee-friendly plants, from which I recently retired.
I have also written a number of gardening books - please have a look at Amazon - or contact me if you would like a signed copy.
I am also lucky enough to spend a small proportion of my time speaking to various Clubs and Societies.
As a result of my writing I am a full member of The Garden Media Guild.
I also write a gardening blog please click on the banner below to have a look
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Maureen - Radio Presenter

In addition to my wine and gardening activities, I have also joined the fabulous team

at our local radio station, Ribble FM to present 'A Little Classical Music'.

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