Gardening Courses at Stydd Gardens


There are no Courses planned at present

If your group or society and would like to visit Stydd Gardens and hear a talk by Maureen,

please contact George on 07507 418905 or email to discuss your requirements

Outside Gardening Talks

Maureen is available to give talks to groups and societies.


Her talks include

*   Keep Your Garden Buzzing (bee-friendly gardening)

*   'Going to (Honey) Pot!' Plant a Container - with bees in mind

*   'Where the Bee Sucks. . .' - Maureen's Top 10 Bee-friendly Plants

*   Design a Bee-friendly Border

*   To Scarborough Fair and Beyond (culinary herbs)

*   Gardens in Impressionist Art

*   Half-day or Full-day Workshops - please enquire

Fees and travelling distances are negotiable, but fees start at £150 plus 40p per mile.

Please contact George on 07507 418905 or email for availability and fees.


Wine Courses and Tastings at Stydd Gardens

The following courses and tastings are currently available

Sunday, 24 February  10am - 4pm


A Beginner's Guide

If you would to grow grapes for wine making, this day course (5 hours) could be just what you’re looking for.

This course will acquaint you with which grape varieties are best suited to the North of England, what the ideal growing conditions are, how to plant the vines, and a season-by-season guide of how to look after them.


This course is aimed at those who have little or no knowledge of viticulture. There are no formal examinations.

This introductory day course will acquaint you with three white and three black grape varieties which make up part of the backbone of world-wide wine making.


As well as finding out about the characteristics of each grape variety, the range of growing conditions, and the geographical areas of renown, you will also taste an example of each varietal.


This course is aimed at those who have little knowledge of wine. There are no formal examinations.

How to book - please contact Nuala Wheeldon on xxxxx or email xxxxxx to secure your place.

Outside Wine Courses Tastings

Maureen is available to provide courses and tastings at your own location.
Please contact xxx to discuss your requirements

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