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Stop and Smell the Rosés!

No it’s not a typo! I thought with Mothering Sunday coming up (a quick reminder; it’s 22nd March!) it might be nice to look at a few rosés that might tickle your Mum’s taste buds.

Firstly fizz. And not just any old fizz; I’m talking Champagne – after all, isn’t your Mum worth it!?

I can thoroughly recommend Champagne from the House of Janisson.

The House of Janisson was located in Verzenay, a classified Grand Cru village in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, on one of the most prestigious terroirs of Champagne.

Why ‘was’ and not ‘is’? Well, Janisson et Fils has been sold to LVMH (Louis Vuitton Martel Hennessey) for an undisclosed sum – but one they couldn’t say no to!

So the Janisson et Fils label is to be discontinued. Needless to say, stocks of Janisson are slowly running out world-wide, but the good news is that The Wine Shed (see below) has the majority of the small amount of stock left in the UK.

Janisson Rosé Brut is crammed with flavours of strawberries, redcurrant and lychee with a hint of cream – and bubbles galore! It’s everything a pink fizz should be – and more – so grab a bottle before it’s gone!

If your Mum’s got a bit of a sweet tooth, then she may prefer this fizz from Australia: Dal Zotto Pink Pucino. It has a tinge of sweetness, with ‘floral’ fruit flavours, notes of apricot and pink lady apple, and a hint of citrus. Partly made from the Glera grape (the grape used to make Prosecco), it’s light and refreshing. And I love the bottle!

Rather not have fizz? Well, here’s a pretty (it is, too!) special rosé from the South of France – Domaine de la Croix Rosé Cuvée Irrésistible. It’s a complex blend of seven grape varieties which results in intriguing flavours of peach, pear and mandarin underlying citrus and cherry with a hint of a floral note. It’s Provence in a bottle – irrésistible!

All three rosés are available from

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